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love it but,could be better
4/27/2009 4 de 5 étoiles
unable to update from microsoft,can't get the correct language which is english,instead of american english it's some other language e.g(spanish,french,arabic etc.)
then there is a translation tool you use to translate from one language to another which does not work. need some advice this and to view the english version on one page,thank you.
Commentateur/Commentatrice : clifton johnson
12/26/2005 5 de 5 étoiles
play boy. top model.
Commentateur/Commentatrice : m m m
Love the site
11/20/2005 5 de 5 étoiles
Very nice site.
Commentateur/Commentatrice : tchavis
The First Step
10/31/2005 5 de 5 étoiles
I have found that the information I request and the training I seek usually goes well beyond my imagination. I can't speak for anyone other than myself, obviously; however, the learning curve is there and I find it slightly intimidating. It is well settled that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I am taking that first step and look forward to a moving learning experience.

This is truly a wonderful site. I'm 73 years old and I find the challenges here and the internet stimulating and I can't wait to learn more. is truly fabulous in my opinion. I have no idea where it will take me and I really care only to the degree I learn as much as possible.

Thank you Microsoft. TABI Lawrence Farnsworth.
Commentateur/Commentatrice : Lawrence Farnsworth
6/23/2005 5 de 5 étoiles
keep up great work.
Commentateur/Commentatrice : lance leeper
Excellent Service and Support
5/09/2005 5 de 5 étoiles
This site is one of the best and most reliable sources of information and upgrades in existence. Thank You Microsoft.
Commentateur/Commentatrice : Tina
Love The Site
5/02/2005 5 de 5 étoiles
I THINK THEY Are Just Great
They Have Solved And Helped Me Out Many Times Keep Up
Thanks A Million
Ed Gaudet
Commentateur/Commentatrice : Edward Gaudet
4/18/2005 1 de 5 étoiles
Commentateur/Commentatrice : TRUDY
microsoft update for window XP
3/09/2005 5 de 5 étoiles
I am not able to update any updates from microsoft. Can't get the correct language. I am gettting some foreign language instead of american (english).
Commentateur/Commentatrice : Charley Logan
So far So Great
11/29/2004 4 de 5 étoiles
Being almost totally disabled, Ive found to be very helpfull.
My dilema is that i cannot play sounds,and unable to fix without assistance.
error message, 80040256 .How can i troubleshoot this as sound was working previousley and in truth i dont even know where a sound card is to see if its disconnected .
Commentateur/Commentatrice : Linda Curiel

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