SiteRanker brings you ratings and reviews of websites while you browse and allows you to post your own ratings and reviews. By posting your ratings and reviews youll help other users stay away from websites you found to be dangerous, recommend an eshop whose services you were satisfied with, etc.

Traffic rank is determined by analyzing browser reports for millions of SiteRanker users. Obtained reports are sorted, tabulated, and analyzed to determine a given websites traffic rank. This process renders the results reported in the SiteRanker Traffic Ranking screen.

How is Traffic Rank determined?

Website traffic rank is based on traffic data derived from the SiteRanker network of participating users. It is calculated by the total amount of users (scope) and the amount of original page views.

What are original page views?

Original page views measure the instances in which a webpage is first encountered by a SiteRanker user. Proceeding page views of the same page in the same context, by the same user, during the same session; are counted only once towards the page views total.

What is scope?

Scope measures the number of Internet users visiting a particular site. SiteRanker measures scope as number of users per million. As such, the numerical ranking reflects the percentage of users, per million, visiting a particular site.

Ex: has a scope of 7% - meaning an average of 70,000 (per million) users visit this site.


Traffic data is based on the Internet browsing behavior of SiteRanker users, which may not be a representative sample of the global Internet population. Known biases include (but are likely not limited to) the following: