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SiteRanker has important information available about the site you are visiting.

The "Add Your Review" link allows you to share your opinion on the website.

The "See all reviews..." link offers opinions about the website from others.

"Average Review..." is a general, star-rated review of the site based on cumulative user input. 5 stars are the best possible rating that a site can receive.

"Traffic Rank" is the current ranking of the site being visited out of 500 sites ranked by SiteRanker, based primarily on traffic.

Traffic History provides an interesting insight into upward or downward daily traffic rank trend experienced by the website. This is compiled during the most recent one to three month period of traffic activity.

You can select the period and size of the chart in the top corners.

The "Compare to..." search field dynamically generates a graph comparing traffic rank activity of the site being visited to another site that you specify.

The "Traffic Rank" field reports traffic rank for the site being visited within 4 key time periods:

today, 1 week average, 3 months average and 3 months change.

"Where do people go..." reports specific URLs visited within the site being visited, providing insight into visitor traffic patterns. This is based on percentage of overall traffic to the site.

"Scope for..." shows percentages in 4 key time periods: Today, 1 week average, 3 months average, and 3 months changea key indicator of upward or downward visitor activity. Scope measures the number of Internet users visiting a particular site.

SiteRanker measures scope as number of users per million. As such, the numerical ranking reflects the percentage of users, per million, visiting a particular site.

E.g., has a scope of 1.34% - meaning an average of 13,400 (per million) users visit this site.

Scope rank presents scope rank based on data accumulated over these reporting periods: Today, 1 week average, 3 months average, and 3 months change.

"Page Views for..." provides data about original page views that measure the instances in which a webpage is first encountered by a SiteRanker user. Proceeding page views of the same page in the same context, by the same user, during the same session; are counted only once towards the page views total.

These metrics are also presented within two key reporting areas: Page Views per user and Page views rank. Three time frame indicators are also presented, along with a 3 months change, reporting upward or downward trend.

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